Change in site address!! 

Hello, everyone! 

I want to keep you all informed, in case you come up to my site and see that there is nothing on it! The story behind it is:

I was considering my site address last night and thought that so many numbers in it didn’t work with me so much. 

Hence, I thought that if I just changed the address it would be okay… And I went through with it. 

The problem was: all my posts transferred to the other address AND if you clicked on my blog name (this one), it just showed ‘not found’. 

In the new site, it shows that all you lovely guys are still following me but I’m uncertain whether you’ll get the message if I post something from that site. 

If not, then I’ll just post in a word to all of you so it’s not much of a hassle later 😊

Anyway, I’m writing just so I can direct you to the new site, that has all my previous posts and on which I’ll post new ones, if ever you come calling. 

The current site address that I now go by is:

Thank you so much! 



P.S. I operate both the sites!